The biggest jackpots in the history of online gambling

Could you ever imagine that wins in online casinos may soon become as big, as in the usual ones? It is possible due to the worldwide slots’ increasing popularity. 

The greatest jackpots in online casino are:

Thousands of people around the world save up a large amount of money, and one lucky devil, sometimes betting just a few cents, wins it. Below there are shown the greatest wins in ascending order, from the 5th to the 1st place. 

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5. 7,3 million euros for an enigmatic person

An anonymous man has won a great sum of money in the last month of summer in 2016. He was fortunate to play Mega Moolah on his device. Though the person is unknown, two things are certain: he or she has won 7,3 million euros and has played through an iPad.

4. Lots of money for the Swede

NetEnt company with its Mega Fortune turns out to be rather magnanimous. In autumn 2015 a guy, whose name is Alexander, won 7,9 million euros. First, he thought that wasn’t real. When he understood the whole situation, he woke up his wife to tell her about that awesome jackpot, though it was night. The man had great plans: he wanted to pay for the mortgage and decided to get a nice car. In addition to it, the Swede desired to organize a great trip with his family.

3. The jackpot that is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records

It has happened in the autumn of 2011. A player wanted to spend some free time in slots online. When he won he was taken aback because the jackpot exceeded 10 million dollars. It was the new biggest amount of money, won by the person, in the sphere of online gambling. This jackpot was even listed in the Guinness Book by its representatives. For accuracy’s sake, the man has withdrawn 11,736,375 euros.

The man from Norway, that desired to stay anonymous, has won such a big sum of money in the early morning. That’s what «early sow, early mow» means. At that moment he couldn’t imagine what he was going to do with his win.

2. Mega Fortune endows Finn

The person from Finland, that we are talking about, was definitely on a roll. He decided to bet only 25 cents and won 17,86 million euros. So, it was an absolute new record for the Mega Fortune. The winner has said that he was either confused or overwhelmed with pleasant emotions. Of course, he didn’t know what he could spend this money on. 

New jackpot, the new record

Mega Moolah surprises gamblers every year. In autumn of 2015, it has presented a young British head-snapping amount of money: 17,88 million euros. It has become the biggest jackpot ever. For sure, it was listed in the Guinness Book. Due to this fact, this website has become one of the most generous sites with slots in the great variety of casinos, that can be found on the Internet.

So, a soldier from the United Kingdom won and withdrew 17,88 million euros. It was a great surprise that he didn’t spend much money. The man donated only 30 pounds and played nearly for 7 minutes. On the 8th minute John (it’s the name of the lucky one), has gained such a jackpot.

The soldier couldn’t believe his luck and told that everything seemed to be unreal. He knew what he was going to spend money on. Unfortunately, his father was sick and needed qualitative treatment.

CEO of the company expressed congratulations to the winner on his own. Also, he noted that at that moment half a billion euros was gained by the gamblers.

Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune could prove that not all of the online casinos only get money from people, and give nothing in return. There still exist honest websites with slots that pay great sums to real people.